What is an example of excess liability?

For example, if your general liability insurance limit is $1 million and you're sued for $1.5 million, an excess liability policy would cover the $500,000 that's not covered by your underlying general liability insurance.

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By covering yourself against excessive losses, an excess of loss policy gives the Primary Insurer more security. This provides your business with additional cover above your primary liability policy in turn giving you more stability in the event of an unusual or major occurrence.

Therefore if your Primary Insurer wants to limit his loss per risk or policy, Excess of Loss may be for you, contact our Experts to obtain guidance and quotation.

Financial Protection

Excess of loss insurance shields your business from catastrophic losses by providing coverage beyond your primary policy limits, safeguarding your finances against unforeseen events such as lawsuits, natural disasters, or significant liability claims.

Cost Control

By offering coverage for large losses exceeding a predetermined threshold, this insurance allows you to manage costs more effectively, minimizing the impact of unexpected expenses on your bottom line and ensuring budget predictability in the face of high-risk scenarios.

Enhanced Coverage

With excess of loss insurance, you can tailor coverage to match your specific risk exposure, complementing existing policies with additional layers of protection that extend beyond standard limits, providing comprehensive coverage against a wider range of potential threats.

Improved Risk Management

By transferring the burden of large losses to the insurer, you can focus on proactive risk management strategies without fear of crippling financial repercussions, enabling your business to operate with greater confidence and stability in the face of potential hazards and uncertainties.

Excess of Loss FAQ’s

We’ve taken the time to answer some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions, so you have all the information you need when you get a quote.

1. Will you tell me when my policy is due for renewal?

Your renewal notice will be 4 – 6 weeks prior to renewal date followed by a reminder 7 days prior to renewal date.

2. Will my policy renew automatically?

Most Policies will not automatically be renewed, this will only happen on instruction and authorisaton from yourself or your Agent, Spanish / Expat Clients may be subject to automatic renewal, Please check with our offices.

3. How will I receive my documents?

All our documents will be sent via e-mail, also for your convenience you can access your documents on our website by logging in to your client account.

4. How can I pay for my policy?

We offer a number of ways to pay for your policy all of which are displayed on your quotation. Commercial Clients - can pay online here via our secure website, we offer bank transfers, for that personal touch you can contact our offices and a member of our staff will be happy to assist with payment. Spanish / Expat Clients a member of staff will access the process system personally for you.

5. How long is the policy period?

Your period of cover will be displayed on your policy this will be a standard 12 month coverage unless otherwise requested.

All details appertaining to your cover are as displayed on your Policy Schedule.

Should you require any changes, circumstances, increase / decrease in cover or contact details please inform our offices.

How to file an insurance claim

Report your claim to us as soon as possible

Commercial clients

Call our 24/7 claims hotline - telephone: 1-727-317-8966

Or report by email to: Insuranceclaimsdispatch@gmail.com

Our Claims Department General Adjuster, John Moore, will assist you with Your claim throughout the entire claim process, from start to finish.

Expat Clients

Please consult your Policy Documents as all details for Claims and Customer Service contact numbers, direct with Insurers are displayed on your Documents for your convenience.

1. Telephone

Contact telephone number available during office hours, a member of our highly trained staff can personally deal with any queries you may have: +34 951 840 480

2. Email

Via e-mail info@riverseainsurance.com we aim to repond by return during office hours.

3. WhatsApp

Via our online messaging service.

4. Facebook

Via our facebook page.

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